Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions.


This space is designed to explain step by step our terms and conditions of sale. Be assured that “NIWIIE HANDBAGS” will work every day for making your experience with us something amazing and unforgettable. Remember that for every purchase you not only help with the growth of the brand, also part of the money is destined for social cause because buying our product to help generate income for families and ex-cons to have a second chance.



  1. Order

Buying in “NIWIIE HANDBAGS” is very easy and enriching! You only have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the product of your choice
  2. Add to Cart
  3. Continue to scan the page and when you are ready press cart button, (is the shopping bag found in the main menu); That’s where you find your product (s).
  4. When you are in your cart end your purchase with credit card, Pay Pal.



  1. Shipping

Standard shipping may take 5 to 7 business days and the Express may take 1 to 3 business days; This situation is in charge of an external company to us and its messaging times are determined according to the saturation in its delivery lines; Therefore, the fulfillment of the Times is the responsibility of the transporter company and NIWIIE HANDBAGS is not responsible, only contracts the service requested by the client.

Shipments require a processing time that can take up to 24 hours of business. In time of offers the processing time can be even of 72 hours of business.

The cost of shipping is extra at the cost of NIWIIE HANDBAGS products and these may vary depending on location, whether in the interior of the state of Jalisco, in Mexico or internationally, but are on behalf of NIWIIE HANDBAGS.

NIWIIE HANDBAGS will make sure that your product arrives in perfect condition as you requested or will respond; However it is not responsible for the times that may occur in the parcel, as the parcel is an external and sometimes can take more or less than they promise. If you have any questions or your product took longer than expected do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly do our best to track the package and try to get you as soon as possible to the address of your choice. We’ll do what’s in our hands for help!


  1. Benefits

When buying products NIWIIE HANDBAGS forms part of a network of responsible consumers and forms part of an experience that gradually begins to change the world of many people, improving the possibilities of a better reinsertion in society, buy in NIWIIE HANDBAGS means loving and giving opportunities to all your peers and we believe that this is the greatest satisfaction in the world.

We take the opportunity to remind you that each product NIWIIE HANDBAGS has approximately 3 hands in its elaboration!

Thank you for being a humanitarian consumer, thank you for being a NIWIIE HANDBAGS user!


  1. Forms of payment

Forms of Payment NIWIIE HANDBAGS we have 2 forms:

-“OPEN PAY”-https://openpay.mx/

-“PAY PAL”-https://www.paypal.com/


  1. Returns

Size changes:

Don’t you have the size you thought? Do not worry! We make you change in size, all you have to do is:

If the product is not of the correct measure it is sent to an address that we will provide them and we cover the return shipment; And within the product you must note:

  1. Order number.
  2. Your name.
  3. The new product size.

and ready! Send us an email to contact: administracion@niwiie.com to give you the directions and the full address.

But to be sure of the size we recommend that you review our size chart.



If you did not get the product in perfect condition or arrived abused by the parcel, you have to buy the photos of the product from the moment you open the package to the photos of the product only in this case if there are returns, all you have to do is send us the product back to an address that we will provide, but the product should be fine.


As the first option you send your product again in good condition otherwise you are in the possibility of requesting the return of your money.


– Important: If you made a purchase with a credit card, debit card (OPENPAY) or PAY PAL it is important that you send us your card number or Interbank Clabe which can be returned, AND A COPY without that number can NOT be made. return, so we recommend paying by card or Pay Pal or check that you have your interbank CLABE number.

-But to be sure of the size of your product, we recommend that you check our Size Table.

-You have a period of 5 days to make the return; after 5 days no returns are accepted.




NOTE: For charges not recognized by the cardholder (Chargebacks), the bank requests the following documents to initiate a dispute of such chargeback:



*** Shipping charges when you send the package back to Us will be the buyer’s responsibility; While the shipping charges when the product arrives mistreated by the parcel company is returned to the buyer they are paid by NIWIIE HANDBAGS. In the only case in which NIWIIE HANDBAGS pays the outbound shipment and the return is when the shipping company has made the initial error. But take into account that if it is return NIWIIE HANDBAGS will return the total of the initial shipment, but does not cover the costs of the parcel of the shipment back to us.


Changes and returns are possible as long as the product remains new and there are photos or proof of abuse of the product by the parcel.


It is very important that you take into account that no fabric or design comes out exactly the same twice, so variations in the product and the photo usually happen. It is also very important to mention that due to this reason, the colors can also vary or change hue; however, the model and type of fabric that is seen in the image, if it is the same.


Preserves the labels, invoices, packaging of the company and returns the product in perfect condition. Do not mistreat the product any more if you arrive in bad conditions and make sure you do not cause more damage. It is very important that you take into account these recommendations, because if the product shows signs of use or abuse by you, the return will not proceed and the product will not be re-sent to you.


In case of requesting a refund, once the NIWIIE HANDBAGS products arrive, we will contact you to start the process.

*** Shipping charges when you send the package back to Us will be the buyer’s responsibility; that charge is the only one that NIWIIE HANDBAGS does not cover in returns; however, your product and the initial shipping cost will be returned in full. In the only case in which NIWIIE HANDBAGS pays the outbound shipment and the return is when the product arrives damaged by the parcel company.


IMPORTANT: We do not accept shipments for payment, in case they send it to us, we will not accept it and they will be sent back.


To make any change or return accounts with 5 business days.

Times for changes or returns:


  1. Packing time 5 to 7 business days for us to arrive (from the date it was returned).
  2. Check in store that the product is new and in perfect condition 1 to 2 days.
  3. – In case of change, it would be 5 to 7 business days for you to arrive back by parcel service.

– In case of return, this is done immediately after reviewing the product (in case of checking the status of the product and the collation of the photos that were sent before via email)


If you have done all this and still have not received your change or refund, please contact us at: customerservice@niwiie.com